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answers to the most frequently asked questions:
At The Carpet Connection, we have thousands of yards of top quality carpet already in stock! Often, you can choose your carpet and have it professionally installed the very next day. Some carpets and other floorings require a short wait for production, shipping, etc. The maximum wait to have your flooring completely installed is usually not longer than three weeks.
The price we give you is the price you pay to have your flooring installed. The material, labor, and installation are all included in the base price. When a carpet is installed with padding, a top quality padding is also already incoporated in the same base price. We do offer upgraded or specialty paddings if needed.

Special situations – such as borders or staircases – ripping out an old floor or hauling it away, fixing or prepping a sub-floor, are extra. However, many flooring options are designed specifically so that you may not need to fix or prep your sub-floor, saving you time, hassle, and money. Ask us about these options!

At The Carpet Connection, we give you a wide array of flooring options. We sell carpet, laminate, vinyl, pre-finished hardwood, Flexitec, and area rugs. Each individual option can be made to fit your unique lifestyle, your needs, your taste, and your budget. We carry exclusive high-end floors, designer carpets and custom colors, as well as all your familiar and affordable brands at excellent prices.

Our line of exclusive or higher-end carpets includes name brands such as Ralph Lauren, Missoni, Nourisan, Glen Eden, Tuftex, Quick-Step, Prestige, Masland and Dixie. At the same time, we carry a most comprehensive collection of popular and familiar brands, such as Shaw, Mohawk, Bealieau, Kane, Stanton, Blue Ridge and many more. In our quest to continually provide our customers with the widest selection of flooring options available, The Carpet Connection is also continually adding new brands and lines of flooring to our repertoire.

A widely popular feature at The Carpet Connection is our extensive selection of top quality remnants at unbelievably affordable prices.

Today, almost any type of flooring option – carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl tiles, or Flexitec – comes in an unbelievable variety of colors, textures, designs, and styles. Whether you’re looking to cover your quiet study or your high-traffic kitchen or play area, The Carpet Connection will help you decide which floor is right for you.

Remnants are top-quality carpets that we buy at deeply discounted prices – and then pass those discounts to you! At The Carpet Connection, we scour the market, using our extensive contact network with manufacturers and companies worldwide, and we buy bulk – sometimes truckloads of carpet rolls at a time – which means you get first-quality carpet at cut-rate prices.

We also get special deals on discontinued lines of carpet, which brings you the best merchandise at unheard-of discounts. Our remnants aren’t just small pieces of carpet for little jobs. We have huge pieces in stock, and even many entire rolls! Come into our showroom anytime to view our tremendous selection of remnants of all quality and price ranges.

At The Carpet Connection, we specialize in customizing any carpet to your exact specifications. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can do for you. Dream anything – and we will work to make that dream a reality!

If you’re looking for a particular color, pattern, or design and can’t find it, we can custom order a carpet exactly as you envision it. Tell us how thick you want your carpet, what kind of texture, which type of material, and we will create the carpet just for you! We can also add a border to your carpet, customizing its exact color and width. 

Suppose you have an intricate spiral staircase and envision a carpet which follows its specific contours as it goes up. No problem! We can custom design and install it, just the way you pictured it.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than glad to work with you from beginning to end, creating the floor covering of your dreams!

Not at all! For years, the common myth was that carpet holds more dust than other flooring and is therefore not an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. People with allergies sacrificed the warm coziness of a carpeted bedroom, or spent on less than ideal flooring options, because they believed that carpet would aggravate their allergy symptoms.

Not only has this been proven untrue, but the facts are exactly the opposite! Scientific research proves that carpet is better for allergy sufferers than almost any other floor.

An advisor for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) explains that “Homeowners are often misled into believing that carpet itself aggravates allergies." Scientific studies demonstrate, though, that just the opposite is often true. "In addition to insulating, absorbing sound, and preventing slips and falls and associated injuries, carpet often actually traps airborne allergens that can easily be vacuumed out, whereas other flooring may allow irritants to be stirred up by normal traffic or sweeping and released into the breathing zone. It is airborne dust, not carpet, which is the culprit that triggers allergies.”

Yes. We can take any carpet and bind around it for use as a runner on your straircase, or to be used as an area rug, an entrance mat, or anything else you might desire. We do thick or thin bindings, Serging, Leather, and many other options. As always, you have a full choice of colors with which to have your carpet bound.

Although we strive to order only the exact amount of carpet you need for a job and not an inch more, some small extra pieces are often inevitable, depending on the size and shape of your room. For a nominal fee, you can have any extra pieces bound for use as mats or rugs, and to protect your high-traffic areas.

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